What is Find My Tix?

Find My Tix is a free, simple, effective way to sell online tickets to your show, concert, exhibition, or any event where allocated seating is not required. Just email us the details of your event along with any images, dates and times, event description and ticket prices and we'll do the rest.

How Does It Work?

After we receive your details, we list your event. You advertise and promote your event and list findmytix.com as your online ticket seller. You can list either a set number of tickets or make it open ended. Regular sales updates are posted so that you can track ticket sales.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to you is zero! We add a low 12.5% booking fee on each ticket to cover our admin. and payment processing costs.

When/How Do We Get Our Money?

The total amount from your ticket sales will be transferred into your nominated bank account within 3 - 5 business days from the close of online selling for your event.

Other Notes

Cancellation Refunds:
If your event is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, you must contact us immediately. We will refund to customers the full amount less booking fee after a request to do so from the event organisers. Various Ticket Price Options:
Please let us know if you have scaled ticket pricing and we can set this up as an option. Customer Refunds and Enquiries:
Any request regarding refunds or other event information that we receive will be forwarded to the event organiser. We act only as a ticket seller, not an event information provider, and issue refunds only after instruction from the organisers. Payment Processing:
All online ticket sales are processed via Paypal. Tickets:
All tickets are sent as digital purchase receipts to a supplied email address. The client can choose to either print out a hard copy or save to their phone or device to show upon entry to the event. We do not post out tickets. If you have specific instructions for clients, these will need to be listed in your event description details. To avoid fraud and ticket copying we will email a full a list of names, order numbers and number of tickets purchased which can be used to match with customers receipt upon entry to the event. Enquiries:
Please contact us if you have any questions.